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How Students Can Turn Their Text into Handwriting?

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In the digital age, turning in handwritten assignments is still the norm up to the High school level. Students are required to submit essays, white papers, and even case studies in handwritten format. 

However, in the digital age, handwriting is something primitive and inefficient. The same assignment can be created in a digital format using half the effort. But there is an easy hack to turn that digital work into handwritten form. 

That’s what we at PDF Study Materials are going to teach you in this article. By the end of this article, you will be well-versed in methods for turning your text into handwriting.

Three Methods of Turning Text into Handwriting

  1. Manual Transcribing

The most straightforward method of converting text into handwriting for students is to manually copy the digital assignment onto a sheet of paper. This is the least efficient method of doing so, however, it has its advantages.

By manually transcribing a digital assignment students gain the following benefits.

  • Better memorization of the assignment material due to repetition
  • Allows for one last proofreading session which can improve the quality of the assignment
  • Improves understanding of the material

However, with that said, we can all agree that this method is quite time-consuming. In most cases, it would be more efficient to directly start writing manually. The only reason one would opt for this method is that the digital version is easy to proofread and edit. Therefore, by first creating the assignment digitally students can perfect it first and then only transcribe the final draft.

  1. Using a Text to Handwriting Converter

There exists a type of tool that can convert any digital text into handwritten text. This is great for converting a student’s text into handwriting.

Such tools are available on the internet and they are free as well. A student only needs to search online to find a suitable tool and then input their writing into it.

The best text to handwriting converter has several options. It provides multiple handwriting styles, so students can check them out and use the one that is the most similar to their own writing. 

Aside from that, other options such as:

  • Text size
  • Page design
  • Pen type 

Are also customizable. These options allow students to make the handwriting come as close as possible to their own style. The output can be downloaded and then printed for submission.

Using a text to handwriting converter is the easiest method of converting a student’s text into handwriting. It requires the least work and can be done for free. It also does not require registration. 

  1. Paying Someone to Transcribe 

If students feel like it is too much trouble to convert their work into handwriting manually, or do not have an internet connection to utilize a tool, then they can resort to this method.

In this method, they have to approach a friend, family member, or a professional and pay them to convert their text into handwriting. This is a last resort method and the least desirable. 

That’s because of two reasons:

  • One reason is that students do not have too much money to spend on such things.
  • Finding an affordable transcriber is not easy

If students ask their friends to convert their text into handwriting, then they owe them favors instead of money. But this carries the risk that the handwritten work will be not up to the mark.

In the end, it’s up to the student to decide if they want to shoulder that risk or do their work themselves.


The three ways of converting handwriting to text differ in their advantages and disadvantages. However, our personal opinion is that using an online text to handwriting converter is the most convenient option. However, it requires that the student has access to a good printer. The other options have their merits, but they are less convenient than using a tool.

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