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How to Convert PDF to ZIP for Easy Sharing?

In this digital age, there is a great need to share files easily and safely over the internet from one device to the other. Whether you’re emailing documents or sharing them online, it’s crucial to compress and zip files in a single folder so that they can be easily shared with anyone. That’s where the PDF to ZIP converter comes in handy. Meanwhile, it provides a straightforward solution for making the sharing of files easy. 

It’s necessary to choose the right tool that does not let a third party access your uploaded PDF files like as theonlineconverter.com. The tool offered by this website does not store your uploaded files anywhere to reduce the risk of third-party access.

Understanding PDF and ZIP Formats:

Before we go towards the conversion, let’s quickly grasp the two formats first:

PDF (Portable Document Format):

PDF keeps the original format of a document intact, making it popular for sharing files that should look the same on various devices and platforms. This format is widely used due to its consistency in maintaining the document’s original layout. This file format is easily accessible on approximately all smart devices. 

ZIP (Archive File Format):

ZIP is a format that compresses files, making them smaller and simpler to store or share as a single archive. It’s a handy way to pack multiple files into one. This way, it saves space and facilitates easy sharing.

Why Convert PDF to ZIP File for Sharing?

File Size Reduction: 

PDFs that have a lot of images or graphics, become too big. Turning them into ZIP files makes them smaller, which makes them easy to upload, download, and share. 

Ease of Sharing:

Some platforms can’t handle large files. Converting a PDF to ZIP means you can share your documents without worrying about size restrictions.

Organization and Accessibility: 

ZIP files neatly pack many PDFs together, which makes sharing simple and easier for you. Meanwhile, the receiver can access all files in one go.

Ways to Convert PDF To Zip:

Windows Built-in Function (Adobe Compress PDF):

Use the Adobe Compress PDF tool to quickly make your files smaller before sharing. If you have multiple files to share, consider compressing them into one ZIP folder.


  • Open the folder in which you have your PDF files
  • Select multiple PDF files
  • Right-click and from the “send to” option choose “Compressed (zipped) folder” and that’s all your PDF files be compressed in one single Zip Folder


This is a huge website that contains various types of converters to facilitate approximately all kinds of image and file format conversions. The PDF to Zip online converter offered by this website, lets you perform the precise conversion in a matter of seconds. 


  • Open your browser and access the converter
  • Upload drag/drop or paste the PDF files into the toolbox of the converter
  • After uploading the files, click on the “Convert” button
  • Once the conversion process is completed, press the “Download” button to export the converter Zip file

Final Words: 

Converting Portable Document Format to ZIP makes sharing documents a breeze. Whether you are a student or a professional dealing with PDF files regularly, there is a significant need to make them easily shareable Using a PDF to Zip converter makes the process of sharing documents easy and reliable. It reduces file size and organizes your documents into a single archive, improving your file-sharing experience. 

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