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Strategies for Improving Learning: The Use of Paraphrasing in Studying

One of the basic skills for students is to develop a good understanding of different subjects or topics.

You are not supposed to make progress in your studies without comprehending academic materials appropriately.

You might have tried hard to take your brainpower to the next level, but things might’ve not worked your way.

One of the best techniques that boost understanding of new information and maximize retention is the paraphrasing skill.

It is all about rewriting existing text in your own words. According to experts, rewriting information is a great way to analyze a specific concept deeply.

Furthermore, paraphrasing also helps avoid problems connected to plagiarism.

In this article, you will unfold how rewriting information in your own words can benefit a productive learning experience. I’ll also shed some light on the use of online paraphrasing tools.

How Does Paraphrasing Help Learning?

Many of you might wonder how paraphrasing can help you learn. Well, it requires completely understanding new information before you can reconstruct it in your own words.

You don’t directly copy anything from the source. Instead, you take the core concept and rewrite it in a unique way without losing the basic ideology.

Professors consider paraphrasing a great technique as it encourages understanding various study materials on a conceptual level instead of just memorizing facts.

Rote memorization does not work well to foster a healthy learning environment. Students cannot retain information learned through this technique.

On the other hand, paraphrasing works well in helping you understand the basic concepts that you can hold for several years to come.

If you are having a hard time paraphrasing write-ups manually, using a free paraphrasing tool can help.

An online paraphrasing tool is a simple online platform that takes your complicated study materials and instantly converts them into streamlined information that is easy to digest, even for students with poor learning skills.

You can take advantage of a paraphrase tool to start learning how difficult passages are converted into simplified text using common word choices and sentence styles.

Once you get a hang of it, you can start paraphrasing on your own.

Here are some ways that paraphrasing can help improve learning in students:

Fosters Deeper-level Understanding

Paraphrasing fosters a deeper-level understanding by processing information profoundly.

You cannot rewrite information in your own words until you have completely understood that concept.

That means memorizing words or sentences is not just enough.

You have to deeply analyze what’s being discussed before you can process this information in a new way. This is what leads to better retention of study concepts.

Bridges Learning Gaps

Paraphrasing bridges the gaps where students do not fully comprehend the subject matter.

When you get stuck somewhere while reading through a passage, you can identify areas where you need to improve.

Rewriting information in your own words allows you to target areas where you should boost your understanding.

Improves Critical Thinking

Having sharp critical thinking skills is a must for students, and paraphrasing helps you achieve this goal.

Students get into the habit of analyzing details before they can start rewriting them.

This requires them to highlight the most critical aspects that need to be included in the paraphrase.

This is how higher-order thinking skills like evaluation and application are learned.

Boost Collaborative Learning

When students try to paraphrase the text, they share their findings with classmates and peers, which is a great way to develop a collaborative learning environment.

When you try to explain ideas to others, you automatically understand them first without omitting important details.

If you get stuck somewhere and cannot find the right words to rewrite text, seeking assistance from another person gives you a sense of attachment and support.

Strengthens Written Communication Abilities

Having good written communication skills is an important skill that every student should have.

You cannot hone this capability without practicing writing. Paraphrasing the text strengthens your written communication expertise.

When you keep rewriting prose for a longer period, it gradually improves your written proficiency.

Connects New Ideas to Previous Knowledge

Paraphrasing is a great way to help you establish connections between your previous knowledge and new learning experiences.

When you rewrite anything related to the subject matter, you can relate it to previous concepts.

You can organize details and deeply contextualize new information.

Helps Monitor Self-understanding

One of the most challenging parts of an academic journey is to find your shortcomings. In many instances, you cannot identify where you need a boost.

However, paraphrasing helps you monitor your self-understanding.

You start knowing yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses. Once you have identified your learning state, it gets easier to make improvements where required.

Facilitates Active Learning

If you just read academic stuff, it’s not going to help you with developing an in-depth understanding of study concepts.

However, paraphrasing makes things more engaging by allowing you to actively participate in the learning process.

Rewriting or reformulating ideas in your own words is an active learning technique that boosts deeper-level comprehension of ideas.


Not all students in schools, colleges, and universities have the same level of understanding. Many are experts in understanding even complicated study materials, while others have a hard time going through their academic concepts.

Teachers and professors prescribe different techniques to help them develop the ability to understand ideas.

One of the important skills that brings positive results is paraphrasing.

When you rewrite the information in your own words, you have to comprehend its nitty-gritties.

You cannot reformulate something without knowing its essentials. That means first, you have to learn the basic concept so that you can rewrite it for others.

This technique is equal to none when it comes to fostering a good understanding of various study concepts.

If you think manually paraphrasing text is a bit difficult at the beginning, try using a free online paraphrasing tool.

The use of such an online platform allows you to understand how complicated write-ups are converted into streamlined information.

Once you get a hang of it, you can paraphrase texts on your own.

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