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Here you can find your relevant Imaging Optics Braat pdf. We are providing a preview of the book. We recommend you buy this from the link’s official publisher or original author.

Imaging Optics Braat pdf Description:

This comprehensive and self-contained text presents the fundamentals of optical imaging from the viewpoint of both ray and wave optics within a single volume. Comprising three distinct parts, it introduces the electromagnetic theory, including electromagnetic diffraction problems and how they can be solved using standard numerical methods such as RCWA or FDTD.

The second part is devoted to the basic theory of geometrical optics and the study of optical aberrations inherent in imaging systems, including large-scale telescopes and high-resolution projection lenses. A detailed overview of state-of-the-art optical system design gives readers the tools to successfully use commercial visual design software. The final part explores diffraction theory and concludes with vectorial wave propagation, image formation, and image detection in high-aperture imaging systems. The wide-ranging perspective of this important book provides researchers and professionals with a comprehensive and rigorous treatise on the theoretical and applied aspects of optical imaging.


Joseph Braat is an Emeritus Professor of Optics at the Delft Technical University, The Netherlands, and a Fellow of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. Previously he was based at the Philips Research Laboratories in Eindhoven, where he worked on optical disc systems for video and audio recording and high-resolution optical lithography. His further research interests are diffraction theory, astronomical imaging, and optical metrology.

Peter Tor¨ok¨ is a Professor of Optical Physics at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and at Imperial College London, UK. His research is focused on the theory of diffraction, focusing, and microscopy, with particular emphasis on confocal microscopy, spectroscopic imaging, and polarization. He has taught vector calculus, electromagnetism, optical imaging, and optical design theory throughout the years.


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We are providing a preview of the book. We recommend you buy this from the link’s official publisher or original author.

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