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The Prophets Pulpit PDF Description:

Muslim preaching has been central in forming public opinion, building grassroots organizations, and developing leadership cadres for the more comprehensive Islamist agenda. Based on in-depth field research in Egypt, Patrick Gaffney focuses on the preacher and the sermon as the most critical medium for propounding the message of Islam. He draws on social history, political commentary, and theological sources to reveal the subtle connections between religious rhetoric and political dissent.

Many of the sermons discussed were given during the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. Gaffney attempts to describe this militant movement and compare it with official Islam. Finally, Gaffney presents examples of the sermons, so readers can better understand the full range of contemporary Islamic expression.

The Prophets Pulpit PDF Content:

  1. The Social Organization of the Ritual Setting
    The Mosque in Time and Space
  2. The Authority of Preachers
  3. The Mosque and the Cult of the Saint
  4. Islamization
    The Tarboosh and the Beard
  5. The Sermon as Public Discourse
  6. Security and Belief in the Rhetoric of the Sermon
  7. Security and Belief
    The Transformation of Social Status
  8. Morality and Religion in Ideology and Action
  9. Formalization and Structure
    The Preacher as the Affirmation of Traditional Authority
  10. Creativity and Adaptation
    The Preacher as Advocate of Religiously Inspired Modernity
  11. Unity and Commitment
    The Preacher as Apologist for the Ideology of Islamic Fundamentalism


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We are providing a preview of the book. We recommend you buy this from the link’s official publisher or original author.

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