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Wiley’s Objective Biology for NEET pdf download free

Wiley’s Objective Biology for NEET pdf: The objective Biology for NEET, second edition, is an undertaking to set up the understudies for NEET (AIPMT) and other medical entrance examinations. Revision at a Glance, a stunning element, has been consolidated to upgrade speedy learning.

In light of the most recent NEET design, many practice problems have been widely evolved from NCERT Biology books of classes 11 and 12. The planning of inquiries is total as per the subject that helps understudies move toward the problems of the point under study. Aside from the answer key, the particular component, clues, and Explanations of precarious reasonable inquiries have also been given to improve the learning.

This book, “Objective Biology for NEET, Second Edition,” is such a work to set up the understudies for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for Under Graduates (NEET-UG). The inquiries are founded on the educational plan as per the NCERT biology books. All endeavors have been made to deliver a blunder-less book. Download Wiley’s Objective Biology for NEET pdf.

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A short rundown or brain map covering every one of the subjects of a section is the excellence of this book. Indeed, even the inquiries are organized subject-wise so the understudies can tackle the problems even if they have perused the part area-wise.

In this new edition, the inquiries have been organized in three distinct levels that will assist the understudies with fostering an inclination to do questions. The novel point of this book is that k makes sense of the theoretical questions.

Toward the finish of this book, 4 Mock tests (test papers) and earlier years’ papers (2010-2019) are attached. The papers are given OMR sheets, so understudies have a go at working the paper with a similar demeanor as they need to look in the open assessment lobby.

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Highlights of Wiley’s Objective Biology for NEET pdf

  • Coverage as per the latest NTA – based recommendations for NEET.
  • Summarized concepts in a systematic flow for quick revision.
  • 10,000+ NCERT – based Practice Questions tagged to three difficulty levels.
  • Solved Previous Years’ Questions of NEET (2010-2019 ) chapter-wise with an analysis chart.
  • Four NEET Mock Tests for self-evaluation.
  • OMR sheets for the real-time practice of Mock tests to develop exam temperament.

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About Wiley Objective Biology pdf

  • Author – Himanshu Aggarwal
  • Total Pages – 1240 Pages
  • Language – English
  • Category – Biology
  • Useful for – NEET and other Medical Entrance Exams
  • Publisher – Wiley

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Table of Content

Chapter 1 The Living World

Chapter 2 Biological Classification

Chapter 3 Plant Kingdom

Chapter 4 Animal Kingdom

Chapter 5 Morphology of Flowering Plants

Chapter 6 Anatomy of Flowering Plants

Chapter 7 Structural Organisation in Animals

Chapter 8 Cell: The Unit of Life

Chapter 9 Biomolecules

Chapter 10 Cell Cycle and Cell Division

Chapter 11 Transport in Plants

Chapter 12 Mineral Nutrition

Chapter 13 Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

Chapter 14 Respiration in Plants

Chapter 15 Plant Growth and Development

Chapter 16 Digestion and Absorption

Chapter 17 Breathing and Exchange of Gases

Chapter 18 Body Fluids and Circulation

Chapter 19 Excretory Products and Their Elimination

Chapter 20 Locomotion and Movement

Chapter 21 Neural Control and Coordination

Chapter 22 Chemical Coordination and Integration

Chapter 23 Reproduction in Organisms

Chapter 24 Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants

Chapter 25 Human Reproduction

Chapter 26 Reproductive Health

Chapter 27 Principles of Inheritance and Variation

Chapter 28 Molecular Basis of Inheritance

Chapter 29 Evolution

Chapter 30 Human Health and Disease

Chapter 31 Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

Chapter 32 Microbes in Human Welfare

Chapter 33 Biotechnology: Principles and Processes

Chapter 34 Biotechnology and Its Applications

Chapter 35 Organisms and Populations

Chapter 36 Ecosystem

Chapter 37 Biodiversity and Conservation

Chapter 38 Environmental Issues

  • Revision at a Glance
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Answer Key
  • Hints and Explanations
  • Previous Years’ Papers (2008–2018)
  • AIPMT 2008
  • AIPMT 2009
  • AIPMT 2010 (Prelims)
  • AIPMT 2010 (Mains)
  • AIPMT 2011 (Prelims)
  • AIPMT 2011 (Mains)
  • AIPMT 2012 (Prelims)
  • AIPMT 2012 (Mains)
  • NEET 2013
  • AIPMT 2014
  • AIPMT 2015
  • RE-AIPMT 2015
  • NEET I 2016
  • NEET II 2016
  • NEET 2017
  • NEET 2018
  • Analysis Chart of NEET (AIPMT) Papers
  • Mock Test
  • Mock Test 1
  • Mock Test 2
  • Mock Test 3
  • Mock Test 4
  • Mock Test 5
  • Mock Test 6
  • Mock Test 7
  • Mock Test Answer Key
  • OMR Answer Sheets

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