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Fraction To Percentage Application in Business Transactions:

Fraction and percentage are the terms used to compare quantities, and it is easy to understand percentage as compared to fraction. For example 50 % is easy to understand and remember as compared to ½ . We can understand 50 % is the part of half of a whole quality, and ½ carries the same meaning. The conversion can turn to be a little difficult when we are dealing with various conversions. In this case the free fraction calculator can be handy to make the task quick and fast. In business transactions, we need a quick retrieval of data and conversion. The forums like the calculator-online.net are becoming too popular due to the fact, it makes business transactions easy. The quick retrieval of the fraction to the percentage is necessary for making the task easy even for the consumers.

Consumer analysis?

Consider a Fashion shop where 38 consumers visited and 23 among them were female consumers. Now what percentage of female consumers visited the fashion shop?


Total consumers = 38

Female consumers = 23

We need to find Female consumers/ Total consumers percentage or fractional analysis to find the exact ratio of female consumers visiting the fashion shop. This can be done in now time if using the dividing fractions calculator.

Now Female consumers/ Total consumers  = 23/38 = 0.60526315789473684210526315789474

The answer is just too difficult to understand when we are writing the Total consumers and Female consumers ratio in fraction or the decimal from. When we write  23/38, it is just too difficult to understand. The same goes for the 0.60526315789473684210526315789474.

Now in percentage the value is = 60.52 %

which is quite self explanatory for the business analyst.


Now male consumers/ Total consumers  = 15/38

= 0.3947368421052632

= 39.46%

Result and our business strategy?

●       It means more than half of the clients are female

●       More focus should be on female consumers

●       Female consumers are more conscious for fashion need

●       Males clients are not that much fashion conscious

This means the female portion of the consumers in the fashion shop are interested in trendy clothes as compared to the male consumer. The fractions calculator makes the task of analyzing the consumers and how to change our business strategy. We can use the multiple fraction calculator to multiply various fractions and their results.

The fraction calculator and important conversion:

We can use the adding fractions calculator to simply various fraction into a percentage in matter of seconds. The simplified conversion is essential to do the day to day business, and you need to remember these fraction to percentage conversions.

1/250 %
1/333.33 %
2/366.67 %
1/425 %
2/450 %
3/475 %
1/520 %
2/540 %
3/560 %
4/580 %
1/616.67 %
2/633.33 %
3/650 %
4/666.67 %
1/1010 %
2/1020 %
3/1030 %
4/1040 %
5/1050 %
6/1060 %
7/1070 %
8/1080 %
9/1090 %

We can use the fraction calculator to convert various fractions into a percentage and vice versa. This is essential to analyze a business strategy and how to utilize the resource on specail strategy


The fraction to percentage conversion is an essential part in the business strategy, as we can easily understand the percentages as compared to fraction. The fraction may be understood easily if we remember some important conversion, and make our daily practice to remember that like 1/2 means 50 %, ⅔ 66.66 % etc. These conversions are specail to remember as these are commonly utilized in day to day transactions.

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